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Procuring Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships

Contributors in Bangladesh

Listed below are those participants who agreed to be acknowledged by Procuring Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships.

Adnan Karim
A.Karim & Co.

Tel: -9114660

Faria Huq
A.S & Associates

Tel: 8801711688861

Ferdausur Rahman
A.S & Associates

Tel: 8801796643867

Sayeed Abdullah Al-Mamun
A.S & Associates

Tel: 8801926461020

A.S.A. Bari
A.S & Associates

Tel: 8801913924194

Md. Arif
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

Tel: -7812703

Osman Goni
OGR Legal

Tel: 8801715569498

Arif Imtiaz
OGR Legal

Tel: 8801717481173

Junayed Ahmed Chowdhury
Vertex Chambers

Tel: 88029891037

Sumaiya Ifrit Binte Ahmed
Vertex Chambers

Tel: 8809891037

Syedul Tanvir Hoque Priyam
Vertex Chambers

Tel: 8809891037