Procuring Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships

Become a Contributor

The World Bank Group is seeking specialists to participate in its pro bono global research project. The Benchmarking Public Procurement report is a yearly publication that presents cross-country analysis on public procurement systems.

Who can become a contributor?

Public Procurement Lawyers and practitioners

Private firms participating in public tendering


Other experts with knowledge of and experience with the project focus areas can contribute to the project on a pro bono basis.

Why become a World Bank contributor?

Utilize your expertise to improve public procurement systems worldwide; establish and maintain contact with the World Bank Group; join a global network of public procurement professionals; requires only limited time commitment.

Please email us at if you are interested in contributing to this project on a pro bono basis. Indicate your topic as well as country of expertise. We will send you the requested questionnaires along with instructions on how to complete them.

Become part of this exciting project today!