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Public-Private Partnerships Procurement

Benchmarking Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Procurement presents comparable information on PPP procurement on a large scale by providing systematic data on the regulatory frameworks and practices governing PPPs in 82 economies. It aims to inform decision-making on the design of PPP procurement policies and regulations, by benchmarking against recognized good practices that promote transparency and encourage fair competition across four key areas of the PPP project cycle:

  • Preparation of PPPs: evaluates the activities that precede and inform the decision to launch a PPP procurement process.

  • Procurement of PPPs: assesses the private partner’s selection process, with a focus on the transparency and fairness of the process, the bid evaluation criteria, and the existence of specific provisions related to a lack of competition.

  • Unsolicited Proposals: measures whether specific procedures are in place to evaluate the feasibility and consistency of unsolicited proposals with existing government priorities, and whether, once an unsolicited proposal is received, a competitive procedure is required to select the private partner.

  • PPPs Contract Management: considers the existence of a well-established and comprehensive PPP contract management framework that enables the smooth implementation of a PPP project.

*The Regulatory and Institutional Framework for PPP’s indicator is not scored. Data provided for this indicator is for contextual purposes.

The economies at the top of the range (score approaching 100) are considered to have a regulatory framework and practices that closely aligns with internationally recognized good practices. Read scoring methodology (PDF, 50KB).

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= Economies with different regulatory frameworks for PPPs and Concessions. Data for the Concessions regime downloadable in pdf format